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  • Brand Name: Lemecima
  • Size: Small
  • Material: Other
  • Model Number: laser nasal massager
  • Application: Other


Nasal stenosis of reasons:

Nasal rigor and cold often interconnected. Cold often nose tight, and nose tight people easy to cold. Nose tight main reason nasal membranes damaged after can’t long-term healing. Air viruses in will in damaged areas growth and development, formation lesions! In this way, our nose often feel discomfort, dry nose, nasal congestion, nasal allergy, nasal pain. These symptoms is nasal stuffy. When I can, lesions will Development to head or respiratory deep cause headache or a cold! If damaged nasal mucosa long time not healing, it will form tight nose.


Phototherapy principle:

Three-step strict nasal circulatory-easy farewell nose

First step: nasal smooth, nasal symptoms disappear, microcirculation accelerate, breathing recovery smooth.

The second step: repair damaged nasal mucosa, promote wound healing, reduce secretions, and completely kill cause rhinitis of various pathogens.

The third step: Comprehensive Health conditioning and activation nasal. Green physiotherapy concept completely solve the long-term use nasal and other cannot fully achieve defects (such as surgery) caused by side effects. In Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other more than 30 three hospital, 6,300 cases of clinically validated: nasal physiotherapy is effective, safety and reliable.


Nose operating instructions:

Remove the battery compartment cover (2-1 ).

Will 9V alkaline battery into battery box in.

Plug the cable into the control box of slot in.

Will rubber nose clip of nostril, make sure the top of two micro-light source into the nasal cavity 1 to 1.5 cm.

Press the Start button.

Green light should continuously lit not flicker.

LED flashing says operation failed (low battery or cable incorrectly insert control box ).

After treatment, Green Light Automatic extinguished. (15 minutes semi ).


How to use this product

(1) open the battery cover, and press,-rod installation 9V alkaline battery (if battery voltage is too low, replace battery ).

(2) connection laser line, and laser head into nasal.

(3) press the on/off button, indicator light, laser redness, said instruments in good running state;

(4) the instrument work time is set to 15.5 minutes, and on arrival automatic closed.


Packing list:

1 x laser nasal massager (without batteries, opp bags)



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